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January 24 2019 - Preventing False Alarms in Ammonia Gas Detection Systems

AMMONIA AS A REFRIGERANT Ammonia is a popular choice for industrial refrigeration applications worldwide, because a small amount of ammonia can cool a large area at a relatively low cost. Ammonia has a boiling point of -28°F at normal atmospheric pressure. This is the temperature at which it conv ... More!

March 28 2016 - Ammonia Gas Detection

Ammonia Gas Detection system codes and design specifications February 12th, 2018 Following is a discussion of ammonia detection system design for facilities utilizing ammonia refrigeration systems. There are numerous codes that may affect the system design, including IIAR-2A, ASHRAE 15, ... More!

February 20 2013 - CO2 Gas Detection

Click Here for PDF of complete document The ABC's of Industrial CO2 Gas Detection Part I: Refrigerant Leak Detection Part II: Process Leak Detection Regulatory concentrations of interest for CO2: OSHA ... More!